I suck at faceups


 Mischa, now called Dubai.

¡Por fin me estoy dando tiempo de customizar! Y soy un total fracaso. Para ser mi primera vez maquillando no me quedo tan mal. Pero... ¡ELLA NO ERA BIZCA! Lo peor del caso es que no entiendo ni como la dañe, si todo es tan quita pon. En fin, espero poder repararla este fin de semana y volver a hacer su faceup de paso. 

Finally I'm giving myself some time to customize! And I totally fail at it. For being my first time doing this, it's not so bad. But... SHE DIDN'T HAVE WONKY EYES! The worst of this is that I don't even know how I damaged her, since everything has to fit exactly to close her. Anyway, I hope I can repair her this weekend and redo her faceup.

PD. Mañana salen fotos de Eponine.

PD. Tomorrow I will upload Eponines photos.

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